Package: atdoc

Function generate-html-documentation

Lambda List

generate-html-documentation (packages directory &key author author-url date index-title heading css ico logo single-page-p paginate-section-p include-slot-definitions-p include-internal-symbols-p)


packages -- List of package designators. Documentation will be generated for these packages.
directory -- A pathname specifying a directory. All output files and temporary data will be written to this directory, which must already exist.
author -- A string which holds the author of the package. The author will be added to the footer of each HTML page.
author-url -- A string which holds an url for the author.
date -- A date which is added to the footer of each HTML page. If nil, which is the default, the date of generation of the documentation will be added to the footer on each HTML page.
index-title -- This string will be used as the title of the main page, index.html. (Other pages will be named according to the object they are documenting.)
heading -- This string will be used as a visible title on top of every page.
logo -- Deprecated.
css -- A pathname or string pointing to a cascading stylesheet (CSS) file. This file will be copied to the target directory under the name index.css. If this argument is a string and does not start with a dot, it will be taken as namestring relative to the atdoc/css directory.
single-page-p -- A boolean.
include-slot-definitions-p -- A boolean.
include-internal-symbols-p -- A boolean.

Return Value

The pathname of the generated file index.xml.


Generates HTML documentation for packages.

With single-page-p, all documentation is assembled as a single page called index.html. Otherwise, index.html will include only a symbol index and a summary of each package, with links to other pages.

With include-slot-definitions-p, pages for symbols that are not exported will be included, so that documentation for exported symbols can safely refer to internal pages (but internal symbols will not be included in the symbol index automatically). This option has no effect if single-page-p is enabled.

With include-slot-definition, class documentation will include a list of direct slots.