Package: cffi

Macro defcallback

Lambda List

defcallback (name-and-options return-type args &body body)


name-and-options ::= name | (name &key convention)
arguments ::= ({ (arg-name arg-type) }*)


return-type -- The foreign type for the callback's return value.
arg-name -- A symbol.
arg-type -- A foreign type.
convention -- One of :cdecl (default) or :stdcall.

Return Value

A symbol naming the callback created.


The defcallback macro defines a Lisp function that can be called from C. The arguments passed to this function will be converted to the appropriate Lisp representation and its return value will be converted to its C representation.

This Lisp function can be accessed by the callback macro or the get-callback function.

Portability note: defcallback will not work correctly on some Lisps if it's not a top-level form.


  (defcfun "qsort" :void
    (base :pointer)
    (nmemb :int)
    (size :int)
    (fun-compar :pointer))

(defcallback < :int ((a :pointer) (b :pointer)) (let ((x (mem-ref a :int)) (y (mem-ref b :int))) (cond ((> x y) 1) ((< x y) -1) (t 0))))

CFFI> (with-foreign-object (array :int 10) ;; Initialize array. (loop for i from 0 and n in '(7 2 10 4 3 5 1 6 9 8) do (setf (mem-aref array :int i) n)) ;; Sort it. (qsort array 10 (foreign-type-size :int) (callback <)) ;; Return it as a list. (loop for i from 0 below 10 collect (mem-aref array :int i))) => (1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10)