Package: gtk

Interface gtk-color-chooser


g-object, common-lisp:standard-object, common-lisp:t

Documented Subclasses

Direct Slots

The "rgba" property of type gdk-rgba (Read / Write)
The "rgba" property contains the currently selected color, as a gdk-rgba structure. The property can be set to change the current selection programmatically.
Since 3.4
The "use-alpha" property of type :boolean (Read / Write)
When "use-alpha" is true, colors may have alpha (translucency) information. When it is nil, the gdk-rgba structure obtained via the "rgba" property will be forced to have alpha == 1. Implementations are expected to show alpha by rendering the color over a non-uniform background (like a checkerboard pattern).
Default value: true
Since 3.4


gtk-color-chooser is an interface that is implemented by widgets for choosing colors. Depending on the situation, colors may be allowed to have alpha (translucency).

In GTK+, the main widgets that implement this interface are gtk-color-chooser-widget, gtk-color-chooser-dialog and gtk-color-button.

Signal Details

The "color-activated" signal
Emitted when a color is activated from the color chooser. This usually happens when the user clicks a color swatch, or a color is selected and the user presses one of the keys Space, Shift+Space, Return or Enter.
 lambda (chooser color)   : Run First      
The object which received the signal.
The color.
Since 3.4

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