Package: gtk

Class gtk-vbox


gtk-box, gtk-container, gtk-widget, g-initially-unowned, gtk-buildable, gtk-orientable, g-object, common-lisp:standard-object, common-lisp:t

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A gtk-vbox is a container that organizes child widgets into a single column.

Use the gtk-box packing interface to determine the arrangement, spacing, height, and alignment of gtk-vbox children.

All children are allocated the same width.


gtk-vbox has been deprecated. You can use gtk-box instead, which is a very quick and easy change. If you have derived your own classes from gtk-vbox, you can simply change the inheritance to derive directly from gtk-box, and set the orientation property to :vertical in your instance init function, with a call like:
 (setf (gtk-orientable-orientation object) :vertical)    
If you want your code to be future-proof, the recommendation is to switch to gtk-grid, since gtk-box is going to be deprecated in favor of the more flexible grid widget eventually. For more information about migrating to gtk-grid, see Migrating from other containers to gtk-grid.

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