Package: gtk

Accessor gtk-button-label

Lambda List

gtk-button-label (object)


(gtk-button-label object) => label
(setf (gtk-button-label object) label)


object -- a gtk-button widget
label -- a string


Accessor of the slot label of the gtk-button class.

The generic function gtk-button-label fetches the text from the label of the button, as set by the generic function (setf gtk-button-label).

If the label text has not been set the return value will be nil. This will be the case if you create an empty button with the function gtk-button-new to use as a container.

The generic function (setf gtk-button-label) sets the text of the label of the button to label.

This text is also used to select the stock item if the generic function gtk-button-use-stock is used.

This will also clear any previously set labels.


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