Package: gtk

Accessor gtk-combo-box-active

Lambda List

gtk-combo-box-active (object)


(gtk-combo-box-active object) => index
(setf (gtk-combo-box-active object) index)


combo-box -- a gtk-combo-box widget
index -- an index in the model passed during construction, or -1 to have no active item


Accessor of the active slot of the gtk-combo-box class.

The gtk-combo-box-active slot access function returns the index of the currently active item, or -1 if there is no active item.

If the model is a non-flat tree model, and the active item is not an immediate child of the root of the tree, this function returns gtk_tree_path_get_indices (path)[0], where path is the gtk-tree-path of the active item.

The (setf gtk-combo-box-active) slot access function sets the active item of combo-box to be the item at index.

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