Package: gtk

Accessor gtk-container-border-width

Lambda List

gtk-container-border-width (object)


(gtk-container-border-width object) => border-width
(setf gtk-container-border-width object) border-width)


object -- a gtk-container widget
border-width -- an unsigned integer with the border width


Accessor of the border-width slot of the gtk-container class.

The gtk-container-border-width slot access function retrieves the border width of the container.

The (setf gtk-container-border-width) slot access function sets the border width of the container.

The border width of a container is the amount of space to leave around the outside of the container. Valid values are in the range 0 - 65535 pixels. The only exception to this is gtk-window; because toplevel windows cannot leave space outside, they leave the space inside. The border is added on all sides of the container. To add space to only one side, one approach is to create a gtk-alignment widget, call the function gtk-widget-size-request to give it a size, and place it on the side of the container as a spacer.

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