Package: gtk

Accessor gtk-container-resize-mode

Lambda List

gtk-container-resize-mode (object)


(gtk-container-resize-mode object) => resize-mode
(setf gtk-container-resize-mode object) resize-mode)


object -- a gtk-container widget


Accessor of the slot resize-mode of the gtk-container class.

The generic function gtk-container-resize-mode returns the current resize mode of type gtk-resize-mode.

The generic function (setf gtk-container-resize-mode) sets the resize mode for the container.

The resize mode of a container determines whether a resize request will be passed to the container's parent, queued for later execution or executed immediately.


The function gtk-container-resize-mode has been deprecated since version 3.12 and should not be used in newly-written code. Resize modes are deprecated. They are not necessary anymore since frame clocks and might introduce obscure bugs if used.

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