Package: gtk

Function gtk-file-chooser-set-preview-widget

Lambda List

gtk-file-chooser-set-preview-widget (chooser preview-widget)


chooser -- a gtk-file-chooser object
preview-widget -- widget for displaying preview


Sets an application-supplied widget to use to display a custom preview of the currently selected file. To implement a preview, after setting the preview widget, you connect to the "update-preview" signal, and call the functions gtk-file-chooser-get-preview-filename or gtk-file-chooser-get-preview-uri on each change. If you can display a preview of the new file, update your widget and set the preview active using the function gtk-file-chooser-set-preview-widget-active. Otherwise, set the preview inactive.

When there is no application-supplied preview widget, or the application-supplied preview widget is not active, the file chooser may display an internally generated preview of the current file or it may display no preview at all.

Since 2.4

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