Package: gtk

Function gtk-text-buffer-delete-mark

Lambda List

gtk-text-buffer-delete-mark (buffer mark)


buffer -- a gtk-text-buffer object
mark -- a gtk-text-mark object in buffer


Deletes mark, so that it is no longer located anywhere in the buffer. Removes the reference the buffer holds to the mark, so if you have not called the function g-object-ref on the mark, it will be freed. Even if the mark is not freed, most operations on mark become invalid, until it gets added to a buffer again with the function gtk-text-buffer-add-mark. Use the function gtk-text-mark-get-deleted to find out if a mark has been removed from its buffer. The "mark-deleted" signal will be emitted as notification after the mark is deleted. gtk-text-buffer-add-mark gtk-text-mark-get-deleted

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