Package: gtk

Function gtk-text-buffer-insert-interactive

Lambda List

gtk-text-buffer-insert-interactive (buffer iter text len default-editable)


buffer -- a gtk-text-buffer object
iter -- a position in buffer object
text -- some UTF-8 text
len -- length of text in bytes, or -1
default-editable -- default editability of buffer

Return Value

Whether text was actually inserted.


Like the function gtk-text-buffer-insert, but the insertion will not occur if iter is at a non-editable location in the buffer. Usually you want to prevent insertions at ineditable locations if the insertion results from a user action (is interactive).

default-editable indicates the editability of text that does not have a tag affecting editability applied to it. Typically the result of the function gtk-text-view-get-editable is appropriate here.

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