Package: gtk

Accessor gtk-tree-view-enable-tree-lines

Lambda List

gtk-tree-view-enable-tree-lines (object)


(gtk-tree-view-enable-tree-lines object) => enable-tree-lines
(setf (gtk-tree-view-enable-tree-lines object) enable-tree-lines)


object -- a gtk-tree-view object
enable-search -- true, to enable tree line drawing, nil otherwise


Accessor of the enable-tree-lines slot of the gtk-tree-view class.

The gtk-tree-view-enable-tree-lines slot access function returns whether or not tree lines are drawn in the tree view.

The (setf gtk-tree-view-enable-tree-lines) slot access function sets whether to draw lines interconnecting the expanders in the tree view. This does not have any visible effects for lists.

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