Package: closer-mop

Generic Function reader-method-class

Lambda List

reader-method-class (class direct-slot &rest initargs)


The class argument is a class metaobject.
The direct-slot argument is a direct slot definition metaobject.
The initargs argument consists of alternating initialization argument names and values.

Return Value

The value returned is a class metaobject.


This generic function is called to determine the class of reader methods created during class initialization and reinitialization. The result must be a subclass of standard-reader-method.

The initargs argument must be the same as will be passed to make-instance to create the reader method. The initargs must include :slot-definition with slot-definition as its value.


reader-method-class ((class standard-class) (direct-slot standard-direct-slot-definition) &rest initargs)
reader-method-class ((class funcallable-standard-class) (direct-slot standard-direct-slot-definition) &rest initargs)
These methods return the class standard-reader-method. These methods can be overridden.