Package: closer-mop

Generic Function remove-direct-subclass

Lambda List

remove-direct-subclass (class subclass)


The superclass argument is a class metaobject.
The subclass argument is a class metaobject.

Return Value

The value returned by this generic function is unspecified.


This generic function is called to maintain a set of backpointers from a class to its direct subclasses. It removes subclass from the set of direct subclasses of superclass. No error is signaled if subclass is not in this set.

Whenever a class is reinitialized, this generic function is called once with each deleted direct superclass of the class.


remove-direct-subclass ((superclass class) (subclass class))
No behavior is specified for this method beyond that which is specified for the generic function.

This method cannot be overridden unless the following methods are overridden as well:

add-direct-subclass (class class)
class-direct-subclasses (class)