Package: closer-mop

Generic Function slot-value-using-class

Lambda List

slot-value-using-class (class object slotd)


The class argument is a class metaobject. It is the class of the object argument.
The object argument is an object.
The slot argument is an effective slot definition metaobject.

Return Value

The value returned by this generic function is an object.


This generic function implements the behavior of the slot-value function. It is called by slot-value with the class of object as its first argument and the pertinent effective slot definition metaobject as its third argument.

The generic function slot-value-using-class returns the value contained in the given slot of the given object. If the slot is unbound slot-unbound is called.

The results are undefined if the class argument is not the class of the object argument, or if the slot argument does not appear among the set of effective slots associated with the class argument.


slot-value-using-class ((class standard-class) object (slot standard-effective-slot-definition))
slot-value-using-class ((class funcallable-standard-class) object (slot standard-effective-slot-definition))
These methods implement the full behavior of this generic function for slots with allocation :instance and :class. If the supplied slot has an allocation other than :instance or :class an error is signaled.

Overriding these methods is permitted, but may require overriding other methods in the standard implementation of the slot access protocol.

slot-value-using-class ((class built-in-class) object slot)
This method signals an error.