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Package trivial-garbage

trivial-garbage provides a portable API to finalizers, weak hash-tables and weak pointers on all major implementations of the Common Lisp programming language. For a good introduction to these data-structures, have a look at Weak References: Data Types and Implementation by Bruno Haible.

Source code is available at github, which you are welcome to use for submitting patches and/or bug reports. Discussion takes place on trivial-garbage-devel at

Exported Symbol Index

trivial-garbage:cancel-finalization, Function
trivial-garbage:finalize, Function
trivial-garbage:gc, Function
trivial-garbage:hash-table-weakness, Function
trivial-garbage:make-weak-hash-table, Function
trivial-garbage:make-weak-pointer, Function
trivial-garbage:weak-pointer-p, Function
trivial-garbage:weak-pointer-value, Function