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Package atdoc

This is the documentation of a fork of the package ATDOC which generates documentation for Common Lisp packages. ATDOC extracts documention strings written using a custom markup language and generates HTML pages. At this time the fork of ATDOC does not allow to generate TeX documents, and Info files. The original package ATDOC was written by David Lichteblau and is available under an X11-style license.

This fork of ATDOC extends the possibilities for formating and extracting informations about the package, which has to be documented.

Exported Symbol Index

atdoc:*class-name-alias*, Variable  (undocumented)
atdoc:*external-symbols*, Variable  (undocumented)
atdoc:*function-name-alias*, Variable  (undocumented)
atdoc:*symbol-name-alias*, Variable  (undocumented)
atdoc:*type-name-alias*, Variable  (undocumented)
atdoc:*variable-name-alias*, Variable  (undocumented)
atdoc:extract-documentation, Function
atdoc:generate-documentation, Function
atdoc:generate-html-documentation, Function
atdoc:generate-info-documentation, Function
atdoc:generate-latex-documentation, Function
atdoc:get-slot-from-name, Function  (undocumented)