Package: gdk

CStruct gdk-rectangle


common-lisp:structure-object, common-lisp:t

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Defines the position and size of a rectangle. It is identical to cairo-rectangle-int-t.

gdk-rectangle is a structure holding the position and size of a rectangle. The intersection of two rectangles can be computed with the function gdk-rectangle-intersect. To find the union of two rectangles use the function gdk-rectangle-union.

cairo-region-t is usually used for managing clipping of graphical operations.
(define-g-boxed-cstruct gdk-rectangle "GdkRectangle"
  (x :int :initform 0)
  (y :int :initform 0)
  (width :int :initform 0)
  (height :int :initform 0))  

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