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The gtk-tree-store object is a list model for use with a gtk-tree-view widget. It implements the gtk-tree-model interface, and consequentialy, can use all of the methods available there. It also implements the gtk-tree-sortable interface so it can be sorted by the view. Finally, it also implements the tree drag and drop interfaces.

GtkTreeStore as GtkBuildable
The gtk-tree-store implementation of the gtk-buildable interface allows to specify the model columns with a <columns> element that may contain multiple <column> elements, each specifying one model column. The "type" attribute specifies the data type for the column.

Example: A UI Definition fragment for a tree store
    <object class="GtkTreeStore">
       <column type="gchararray"/>
       <column type="gchararray"/>
       <column type="gint"/>

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