Package: gtk

Accessor gtk-actionable-action-name

Lambda List

gtk-actionable-action-name (object)


(gtk-actionable-action-name object) => action-name
(setf (gtk-actionable-action-name object) action-name)


object -- a gtk-actionable widget
action-name -- an action name, or nil


Accessor of the slot action-name of the gtk-actionable inferface.

The generic function gtk-actionable-action-name gets the action name for object, or nil if none is set.

The generic function (setf gtk-actionable-action-name) specifies the name of the action with which this widget should be associated.

If action-name is nil then the widget will be unassociated from any previous action.

Usually this function is used when the widget is located, or will be located, within the hierarchy of a gtk-application-window.

Names are of the form "" or "app.quit" for actions on the containing gtk-application-window or its associated gtk-application, respectively. This is the same form used for actions in the g-menu associated with the window.


 (let ((button (make-instance 'gtk-button))) 
   (setf (gtk-actionable-action-name button) "")
     (gtk-actionable-action-name button))
 => ""    
Since 3.4

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