Package: gtk

Interface gtk-actionable


g-object, common-lisp:standard-object, common-lisp:t

Documented Subclasses

Direct Slots

The "action-name" property of type :string (Read / Write)
The name of the associated action, like "app.quit".
Default value: nil
The "action-target" property of type g-variant (Read / Write)
The parameter for action invocations.
Allowed values: a g-variant
Default value: nil


This interface provides a convenient way of associating widgets with actions on a gtk-application-window or gtk-application.

It primarily consists of two properties: "action-name" and "action-target". There are also some convenience APIs for setting these properties.

This interface is presently only meaningful if used on a widget that is, or will be, located inside of a gtk-application-window and can only be used to associate the widget with actions on that window, or its associated gtk-application.

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