Package: gtk

Accessor gtk-button-image

Lambda List

gtk-button-image (object)


(gtk-button-image object) => image
(setf (gtk-button-image object) image)


object -- a gtk-button widget
image -- a widget to set as the image for the button


Accessor of the slot image of the gtk-button class.

The generic function gtk-button-image gets the widget that is currently set as the image of button. This may have been explicitly set by the generic function (setf gtk-button-image) or constructed by the function gtk-button-new-from-stock.

The generic function (setf gtk-button-image) sets the image of button to the given widget. Note that it depends on the gtk-button-images setting whether the image will be displayed or not, you do not have to call the function gtk-widget-show on image yourself.

Since 2.6

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