Package: gtk

Accessor gtk-tree-view-tooltip-column

Lambda List

gtk-tree-view-tooltip-column (object)


(gtk-tree-view-tooltip-column object) => column
(setf (gtk-tree-view-tooltip-column object) column)


tree-view -- a gtk-tree-view object
column -- an integer, which is a valid column number for tree_view's model


Accessor of the tooltip-column of the gtk-tree-view class.

The gtk-tree-view-tooltip-column slot access function returns the column of the tree view's model which is being used for displaying tooltips on the tree view's rows.

If you only plan to have simple (text-only) tooltips on full rows, you can use this function to have gtk-tree-view handle these automatically for you. column should be set to the column in the tree view's model containing the tooltip texts, or -1 to disable this feature.

When enabled, the has-tooltip property will be set to true and the tree view will connect a "query-tooltip" signal handler.

Note that the signal handler sets the text with the gtk-tooltip-set-markup, so &, <, etc have to be escaped in the text.

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