Package: gtk

Accessor gtk-widget-name

Lambda List

gtk-widget-name (object)


(gtk-widget-name object) => name
(setf (gtk-widget-name object) name)


object -- a gtk-widget object


Accessor of the slot name of the gtk-widget class.

The generic function gtk-widget-name retrieves the name of a widget.

The generic function (setf gtk-widget-name) sets the name of a widget.

Widgets can be named, which allows you to refer to them from a CSS file. You can apply a style to widgets with a particular name in the CSS file. See the documentation for the CSS syntax on the same page as the docs for gtk-style-context.

Note that the CSS syntax has certain special characters to delimit and represent elements in a selector (period, #, >, *...), so using these will make your widget impossible to match by name. Any combination of alphanumeric symbols, dashes and underscores will suffice.

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