Package: gtk

Accessor gtk-widget-sensitive

Lambda List

gtk-widget-sensitive (object)


(gtk-widget-sensitive object) => sensitive
(setf (gtk-widget-sensitive object) sensitive)


object -- a gtk-widget object


Accessor of the slot sensitive of the gtk-widget class.

The generic function gtk-widget-sensitive returns the widget's sensitivity, in the sense of returning the value that has been set using the generic function (setf gtk-widget-sensitive).

The effective sensitivity of a widget is however determined by both its own and its parent widget's sensitivity. See the function gtk-widget-is-sensitive.

A widget is sensitive if the user can interact with it. Insensitive widgets are "grayed out" and the user cannot interact with them. Insensitive widgets are known as "inactive", "disabled", or "ghosted" in some other toolkits.

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