Package: gtk

Accessor gtk-widget-events

Lambda List

gtk-widget-events (object)


(gtk-widget-events object) => events
(setf (gtk-widget-events object) events)


object -- a gtk-widget object


Accessor of the slot events of the gtk-widget class.

The generic function gtk-widget-events returns the event mask for the widget. The event mask is a bitfield containing flags from the gdk-event-mask flags. These are the events that the widget will receive.

The generic function (setf gtk-widget-events) sets the event mask for widget.

The event mask determines which events a widget will receive. Keep in mind that different widgets have different default event masks, and by changing the event mask you may disrupt a widget's functionality, so be careful. This function must be called while a widget is unrealized. Consider the function gtk-widget-add-events for widgets that are already realized, or if you want to preserve the existing event mask. This function can not be used with :no-window widgets; to get events on those widgets, place them inside a gtk-event-box and receive events on the event box.

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