Package: gtk

Class gtk-frame


gtk-bin, gtk-container, gtk-widget, g-initially-unowned, gtk-buildable, g-object, common-lisp:standard-object, common-lisp:t

Documented Subclasses

Direct Slots

The "label" property of type :string (Read / Write)
Text of the frame's label.
Default value: nil
The "label-widget" property of type gtk-widget (Read / Write)
A widget to display in place of the usual frame label.
The "label-xalign" property of type :float (Read / Write)
The horizontal alignment of the label.
Allowed values: [0,1]
Default value: 0
The "label-yalign" property of type :float (Read / Write)
The vertical alignment of the label.
Allowed values: [0,1]
Default value: 0.5
The "shadow-type" property of type gtk-shadow-type (Read / Write)
Appearance of the frame border.
Default value: :etched-in


The frame widget is a gtk-bin widget that surrounds its child with a decorative frame and an optional label. If present, the label is drawn in a gap in the top side of the frame. The position of the label can be controlled with the function gtk-frame-set-label-align.

GtkFrame as GtkBuildable
The gtk-frame implementation of the gtk-buildable interface supports placing a child in the label position by specifying "label" as the "type" attribute of a <child> element. A normal content child can be specified without specifying a <child> type attribute.

Example: A UI definition fragment with gtk-frame
 <object class="GtkFrame">
  <child type="label">
    <object class="GtkLabel" id="frame-label"/>
    <object class="GtkEntry" id="frame-content"/>

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