Package: gtk

Class gtk-viewport


gtk-bin, gtk-container, gtk-widget, g-initially-unowned, gtk-buildable, gtk-scrollable, g-object, common-lisp:standard-object, common-lisp:t

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Direct Slots

The shadow-type property of type gtk-shadow-type (Read / Write)
Determines how the shadowed box around the viewport is drawn.
Default value: :in


The gtk-viewport widget acts as an adaptor class, implementing scrollability for child widgets that lack their own scrolling capabilities. Use gtk-viewport to scroll child widgets such as gtk-grid, gtk-box, and so on.

If a widget has native scrolling abilities, such as gtk-text-view, gtk-tree-view or gtk-icon-view, it can be added to a gtk-scrolled-window with the gtk-container-add function. If a widget does not, you must first add the widget to a gtk-viewport, then add the viewport to the scrolled window. The convenience function gtk-scrolled-window-add-with-viewport does exactly this, so you can ignore the presence of the viewport.

The gtk-viewport will start scrolling content only if allocated less than the child widget's minimum size in a given orientation.

CSS nodes

gtk-viewport has a single CSS node with name viewport.

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