Package: gtk

Class gtk-cell-view


gtk-widget, g-initially-unowned, gtk-buildable, gtk-cell-layout, gtk-orientable, g-object, common-lisp:standard-object, common-lisp:t

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Direct Slots

The background property of type :string (Write)
Background color as a string.
Default value: nil
The background-gdk property of type gdk-color (Read / Write)
The background color as a gdk-color.
Warning: background-gdk has been deprecated since version 3.4 and should not be used in newly-written code. Use the background-rgba property instead.
The background-rgba property of type gdk-rgba (Read / Write)
The background color as a gdk-rgba.
The background-set property of type :boolean (Read / Write)
Whether this tag affects the background color.
Default value: nil
The cell-area property of type gtk-cell-area (Read / Write / Construct)
The gtk-cell-area rendering cells.
If no area is specified when creating the cell view with the gtk-cell-view-new-with-context function a horizontally oriented gtk-cell-area-box will be used.
The cell-area-context property of type gtk-cell-area-context (Read / Write / Construct)
The gtk-cell-area-context used to compute the geometry of the cell view. A group of cell views can be assigned the same context in order to ensure the sizes and cell alignments match across all the views with the same context. gtk-combo-box menus uses this to assign the same context to all cell views in the menu items for a single menu, each submenu creates its own context since the size of each submenu does not depend on parent or sibling menus.
The draw-sensitive property of type :boolean (Read / Write)
Whether all cells should be draw as sensitive for this view regardless of the actual cell properties (used to make menus with submenus appear sensitive when the items in submenus might be insensitive).
Default value: nil
The fit-model property of type :boolean (Read / Write)
Whether the view should request enough space to always fit the size of every row in the model, used by the combo box to ensure the combo box size does not change when different items are selected.
Default value: nil
The model property of type gtk-tree-model (Read / Write)
The model for cell view.


A gtk-cell-view displays a single row of a gtk-tree-model using a gtk-cell-area and gtk-cell-area-context. A gtk-cell-area-context can be provided to the gtk-cell-view at construction time in order to keep the cellview in context of a group of cell views, this ensures that the renderers displayed will be properly aligned with eachother like the aligned cells in the menus of gtk-combo-box.

gtk-cell-view is gtk-orientable in order to decide in which orientation the underlying gtk-cell-area-context should be allocated. Taking the gtk-combo-box menu as an example, cellviews should be oriented horizontally if the menus are listed top-to-bottom and thus all share the same width but may have separate individual heights (left-to-right menus should be allocated vertically since they all share the same height but may have variable widths).

CSS nodes

gtk-cell-view has a single CSS node with name cellview.

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